Dallas County Sheriff’s Office


  •     How do I obtain a copy of a motor vehicle accident report?
    • Accidents occurring in the “rural” areas (outside of city limits) are responded to by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  Reports must be obtained directly from them.  The highway patrol headquarters in Springfield (Troop D) is the main office for this area.  They may be reached at 417-895-6868.


    • Accidents occurring within a city are typically worked by that police jurisdiction.  Please contact their office directly.


  •     How do I obtain a copy of an incident report?
    • Incident reports handled by the sheriff’s office may or may not be public information, dependant upon the investigational status of the case, age of the victim, etc. etc.  If you would like to request a copy of a report or would like to know more about report availability, please contact the sheriff’s office at 417-345-2441 and ask for Dana Eagan, the records custodian.  More information may also be found here.


  •     How does the Dallas County Jail / Detention Center operate?  (Jail Rules, etc).
    • For information on the jail procedures, please go to the “Jail Info” page to view the rules and procedures.


  •     How do I get a gun permit?
    •  Effective 8/28/07, Permits to acquire/buy/sell a concealable firearm are no longer required in the State of Missouri.  Please contact a licensed firearms dealer for more information on ATF requirements.


    • Those wishing to obtain a concealed carry permit are required to meet additional requirements, as found in RsMO 571.101.  If you qualify for such a permit, you may contact the sheriff’s office at 417-345-2441 for further details on pursuing such a permit. 


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